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Storm Recovery Update from the Seattle-area Windstorm of Oct. 25-26

Tuesday: Your correspondent is on the road, and on a different time zone than the West Coast, so I won’t always be able to update this blog. For the latest on storm recovery updates Tuesday, please see our Washington State Twitter feed, @ComcastWA (click here). What follows are updates from Monday:
<crews on pole doing repairs

pole damage

Mid-Monday morning, Puget Sound Energy crews finished their magic and allowed us to enter the scene of fiber-optic cable damage. In one photo you can see crews on poles, rehanging fiber-optic cables.

6 pm update: Splicing has been completed of the severed fiber-optic cable on Mercer Island. We’re now deploying generators in smaller areas without power, and continuing to monitor and repair network issues when needed and able.

2:45 pm update: We’re continuing to work some pocket outages on the Eastside, as power comes up in those areas. meantime, we’ve strung new fiber-optic lines in the damaged area on Mercer Island that we were able to enter this morning. (see below for the history of Mercer Island repairs) With the fiber-optic lines in the air, we’re beginning the splicing that will restore service.

10:45 am update: We’ve received the all-clear on Mercer Island from Puget Sound Energy and look forward to working on restoring the network as described below.

Original post: Crews continue repairs Monday on windstorm damage from the weekend. In most cases, we’re working in places that power crews recently opened back up.

As you may know from previous posts after storms, the first people who can touch a power pole that’s been damaged are power crews; they restore electricity and make the area safe. After power crews work their magic, we and others with lines and equipment can move in and restore our services to customers.

On Mercer Island, storm damage was horrible, and a snapping pole not only cut electricity to many but also ripped our fiber-optic cables. As we wait for power crews to complete repairs, we’re ready to move in and start splicing. While obviously that damage cut power to many people on Mercer Island, other people on Mercer Island have had power in the meantime, and they’re frustrated. We understand, and we’re eager to make repairs.

We’ve heard that we may be able to access this area of Mercer Island at 10 a.m., or sometime  mid-morning; if that’s correct, we’ll be ready to pounce and begin splicing fiber-optic cables. As cables are spliced, services will be restored gradually.

There are a few other areas where power losses near homes have interrupted the network, and we’re following after power crews to get those networks up as well. In the meantime, when power does come back up, both we and you the customer can identify when the issue is damage to a house.

In 99 percent or more of the time, when your electrical service is restored, your Xfinity services will come right back up. In some cases, it’s good to perform a powercycle to clear the equipment. If your service is still not working, that could be because of storm damage that you, and therefore we, did not know about until now. And of course that’s very frustrating, because all you the customer knows is that you had to wait this long just to get power back up. We are grateful for your business and your patience after storms like this one. If your power is up but service out, you can call  1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489). If you reach a recording saying we know you have an outage, then we know about it, but if not, this is a chance to report the problem.

You can follow repairs by Puget Sound Energy here, and you can also follow updates on our Twitter page, @ComcastWA.

Meantime, you can get another look at storm repairs through the eye of this  team on the Sammamish Plateau:

tree on lines

Before and after, Comcast crews making repairs in Auburn.

tech sawing tree

Before and after, Comcast crews making repairs in Auburn.

Here’s a photo from Issaquah of what our crews found at one location: a 75-foot tree fell over, its roots carrying one of our pedestals about 5 five into the air on its roots. storm 3

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6 comments on “Storm Recovery Update from the Seattle-area Windstorm of Oct. 25-26

  1. Kevin
    October 27, 2014

    Internet is still down for me and all my neighbors on 76th Ave SE on Mercer Island.

    Numerous times have been given over the last few days for when it will be fixed, none came true. Been texted several times telling me it was fixed when it was NOT. Now my account says it will be fixed by 2am. Account has said similar time predictions for last 3 days. When will it REALLY be fixed?

    • wtneary
      October 28, 2014

      This was a frustrating one because of the interplay between power and the fiber-optic network. One reason we don’t do an outage map on our site is that they’re imprecise by the nature of the different telecom services, and people would rather not see a map than see a wrong map. So we’re sorry for wrong indicators. If your service is not up now, I’d call in or Tweet directly to @comcastcares.

  2. Rick
    October 27, 2014

    My account status page indicates that my service was restored around 12pm today, however it remains out for myself and all immediate neighbors that I have spoken with.

    I called Comcast to attempt to report that this outage still remains in my neighborhood, but they refuse to accept an outage report, only offering to send an in-home technician on Wednesday.

    The fact remains, that my neighborhood is still without service and there is no Comcast customer service channel which will accept the outage report. What do I do? This is for the 6400 block of E. Mercer Way.

    • wtneary
      October 27, 2014

      Rick, it sounds like you were able to get through and that they thought the damage or whatever it is needs a technician. The health of the modems in the area should signal an outage, and actually, as I type this, a tech supervisor tells me someone is going to be in that neighborhood shortly to check things out. It might be service showed as up and then down again, and they’re going to look into it this evening.

      • rickhuizinga
        October 27, 2014

        Thank you for the update!

      • rickhuizinga
        October 27, 2014

        My service just came back online. Thanks for your help & updates.

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