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Comcast veterans employee group #VetNet supports the heroes among us

With more than 3,500 employees in Washington, Comcast has a pretty wide range of people working here. More than 1 in 10 of us are veterans. So it’s not surprising that our veterans and their supporters have formed an employee resource group to share camaraderie, support and knowledge.

In the old days, we called these “clubs.” Today, they’re called ERGs (employee resource groups) or “affinity groups.” We’re not the first; Comcast nationally has a veterans support group. Others are sprouting around the country even as we type this, such as one in South Florida. You don’t have to actually be a veteran to join; you just need to be another Comcast employee who feels passionately that what veterans have done is important and that you want to show support and share their company.

Earlier this month the organizers of the Washington group held an event to formally begin the networking and appreciation of veterans. And of course that’s what you see celebrated in the video above. We all met at the Mill Creek veterans’ memorial. Stay tuned as we share in coming months and years some of the activities this group is involved with; as just one example, you’ll see members at job fairs where veterans are expected. after all, who can speak the language of a veteran better than another veteran. It will be exciting to follow the progress of the Washington #VetNet.

You’ll hear a visiting executive, Steve Salata, say Comcast aims to be the top of companies that employee veterans. He’s serious. We in Washington have supported this cause for quite some time, as represented by annual Veterans Day events and millions of dollars worth of PSAs we’ve aired for Hire America’s Heroes over the years. But nationally, the company has received acknowledgements for its commitment to veterans. We also enjoy working with other companies led by veterans.

What follows are a couple of Tweets from the event, since those are the pictures I have. I hope they capture the spirit of the fun and honor of this event.



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