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Tuesday Spokane storm update from Comcast

power pole damage Monday

This photo shows the results of some of the damage that power crews had to deal with; they set a new pole, and then used it to help hoist the tree away.

Comcast customers in Spokane who are in storm-damaged areas should please call us to report if their Xfinity services are off.  Now that power has been restored almost everywhere, your report is an important way for us to know that your home has suffered damage beyond its electrical services.

Comcast teams were in the field yesterday following after power crews  to restore service in badly damaged areas. Extra crews are also in the field today, and we’re particularly active along North Country Homes Boulevard to the 2/395 Y and Whitworth University area. We’re making  repairs in what was arguably the hardest hit area, Newman Lake.

In coming days, in a few areas, we will be replacing temporary fixes with permanent fixes, and that may on rare occasions disrupt service during the repair. Normally, we make big repairs from midnight to 6 a.m. so fewer customers notice. But in this case, there’s still a lot of storm debris around, so we want to make repairs in daylight – and customers probably don’t want us in their back yards at midnight anyway!

Ninety-nine percent of the time, Xfinity services are restored when power is restored. So if your power is back up, but Xfinity products and services are not, please perform a powercycle of your Internet or video equipment;  if that’s not effective, please call 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489). If you reach a recording saying we know you have an outage, then we know about it, but if not, this is a chance to report the problem.

The first teams in after a severe storm are electrical power crews that have to go into these areas first to restore electricity and make the area safe. We can then come in and repair damage to our plant. If your power is back on, but service is still not working, that could be because of storm damage that you, and therefore we, did not know about until now. We can’t see into every back yard; we need your help. And of course this can be frustrating, because all you the customer knows is that you had to wait just to get power back up. So we very much appreciate you taking the time to call in.

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