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Tuesday Spokane Storm Update

So electrical utilities report the power is back up, which is good news as last week’s freak storm knocked out electricity to about 10 percent of our customers in Spokane. As we’ve said the last couple days, if someone’s Xfinity services are still out, please let us know.

Finally, a heads up: in a couple of areas hit the worst, some of the repairs we put up were temporary, either because of the extent of damage, or because power crews were still at work while we were beginning repairs. During the next week, we’ll be going in and making permanent repairs in the Pine River Park area, the Spokane Country Club area, and Driscoll/Assembly area from Wellesley to Francis. It’s possible there could be short disruptions to service as we make those permanent repairs. We apologize in advance if your service is affected.

Normally, we make big repairs from midnight to 6 a.m. so fewer customers notice. But in this case, there’s still a lot of storm debris around, so we want to make repairs in daylight – and customers probably don’t want us in their back yards at midnight anyway!

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