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Comcast Joins With Bremerton in Celebrating New Boys & Girls Club

crowd gathered for ribbon cutting of Bremerton Teen Center

Comcast was proud to be among a community’s worth of donors to the new Bremerton Teen Center, which celebrated its grand opening last Friday.

Bremerton ‘s youth will have a new place to hang out after school: the Bremerton Teen Center, operated by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puget Sound. We were very pleased and thankful that the Comcast Foundation agreed to help this center with a $15,000 grant each year for three years.

The ribbon-cutting was Friday. Check out the photo above; they told me that 200 people RSVP’d for the event, but I think maybe a few more than that showed up.

I was surprised and honored to see this sign at the entryway of the new building. We appreciated the chance to connect the Comcast Foundation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound.

sign acknowledging the Comcast Foundation

The Comcast Foundation helped the teen center buy some of the fanciest computer screens available right now. You quickly observed a pattern at the grand opening: youth after youth walked through the assembly room and outside the tech room, glanced inside, saw these giant screens, said ‘whoa!’ and rushed inside.

These Sharp smart panels combine the power of a computer with the wonders of a 70-inch touchscreen. if you look at the pics below, you see some young people enjoying the new devices. The gent in the middle photo is the Sharp representative who was training the new teen center staff in what these panels can do. We look forward to bringing you another post once the kids start to prepare crafts with these new and powerful screens.

youth playing with a smart panel at the Bremerton Teen Center

girl uses a touchscreen to operate a giant smart panel computer

teens using smart board as a chalkboard

Hey! What good is a giant computer in a teen center if you can’t turn it into a chalkboard? 🙂

Friday was a wonderful day in Bremerton; as the mayor, Patty Lent, told the community, the message here to young people is that adults care for and love them.

(You can see some more photos of the event here on the Facebook page of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puget Sound. If you happen to have a subscription to the Kitsap Sun, their story is here)

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  1. Christopher Patterson
    October 27, 2013

    My son would love some of the technology that it looks like this Boys & Girls Club has been provided. Are there other community type projects that Comcast is involved with for the future?

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