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Tacoma Youth Produce PSA & Learn about Tech From Comcast Digital Connectors Program

In the video above, you’ll see a whole lot of shaking going on. It’s a simulated earthquake, within the Tacoma School of the Arts’ tech and media lab. The video aims to tell young people about earthquake preparedness.

The film was made by Comcast Digital Connectors who are part of the Tacoma Urban League. I had the pleasure of watching them graduate from the program, the second graduation this year (the first was at Neighborhood House in South Seattle; more info in this previous post)

Comcast youth digital connectors group from Tacoma

One of the most fun parts of any Comcast Digital Connectors graduation is watching everyone try to fit into the group photo at the end. These are the 2013 Comcast Digital Connector graduates from the Tacoma Urban League. At far left is Victoria Woodards, CEO of the Tacoma Urban League

The Comcast Foundation supported the Digital Connectors program at several locations in Washington this year. You can meet some of the youth and hear from some of the adults around them, in the film below that I made of their graduation. The video below, shot with an iPhone, is definitely not as well-produced as their video above. But hopefully the film is a little “slice of life” about a caring community at the Tacoma Urban League, about technology and about young people with a great future. You’ll hear from Victoria Woodards, the dynamic CEO of Tacoma Urban League, one of their teachers, Yusuf Word, who also mentors young male teens and boys for the Urban League, and sadly, they let me talk a little bit. You can fast forward through that part. Best to linger on what the youth said, for example, the comments of a young man who will be attending the University of Washington to study tech. Congratulations to all our Tacoma Digital Connectors.

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