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Comcast Cares Day’s Everchanging Display on Twitter Today

Five years ago, there were, as I recall, about six of us across the country who shared about Comcast Cares Day on Twitter. It’s just amazing how Twitter and social networking have grown. Today, there were often several updates a minute from around the world. If you kept an eye on the #CCDay hashtag, you saw an everchanging collage of amazing volunteering. Now it’s possible to see sights, in almost real-time, of volunteers like the adorable shovelling tykes above.

One way we like to imagine the world through Twitter is through the use of a service called Tagboard: check out this Tagboard collage of Comcast Cares Day action. If you are like me and hyper-focused on Western Washington and Spokane, here are some of our favorite Tweets from the day. In some cases, you may have to click on a link to see the picture that came with the Tweet:


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