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Comcast to Double Speeds of Two of its Most Popular XFINITY Internet Speed Plans in Washington at No Additional Cost

Comcast, the nation’s largest Internet service provider, today announced it is increasing the speeds of two of its most popular XFINITY Internet speed plans, Blast! and Extreme 50, in Washington state for no additional cost. Customers will enjoy more than twice as fast Internet speeds on multiple devices, allowing them to surf, chat, stream HD movies and TV shows, or game online with double the speed. Also for no additional cost, Comcast is increasing the speed of its widely used Performance plan by more than 30 percent.

“As customer demands and technology evolve, we continue to increase our broadband speeds to deliver the best, fastest and most reliable Internet experience possible for our customers,” said Len Rozek, senior vice president of Comcast’s Washington market.  “Whether chatting, surfing, streaming, gaming, skyping or downloading, families will get the superfast, high-performing Internet service they need, with no extra charge.”


  • The Blast! plan is increasing download speeds from up to 25 Mbps to speeds up to 50 Mbps and upload speeds from up to 4 Mbps  to up to 10 Mbps
  • Extreme 50 customers will receive download speeds up to 105 Mbps (formerly 50 Mbps) and upload speeds up to 20 Mbps (formerly 15 Mbps).
  • The Performance plan is increasing to speeds up to 20 Mbps from 15 Mbps downstream and to 4 Mbps from 2 Mbps upstream.

To activate the new speeds, customers just need to re-start their cable modems.

For the third year in a row, the Federal Communications Commission has shown that Comcast delivers speeds to customers that are even faster than the advertised speeds. Comcast is not only delivering the nation’s fastest Internet, but it is also providing the fastest in-home WiFi with its latest Xfinity Wireless Gateway, an all-in-one device that gives customers reliably fast speeds with the most coverage in their home so everyone can get online and do more on their devices all at the same time.

For more information on Comcast’s XFINITY Internet services, customers can call 1-800-XFINITY or visit


Q. How will customers know when they have the new speeds?

A. They will receive a direct communication, either by email or letter or both, to let them know.

Q. Do customers need to do anything to get the new speeds?

A. Customers simply have to re-start their cable modems, which will download new software that enables the new speeds.  No other action is required.

Q. How do I restart my cable modem?

A. For more information about how to power-cycle your modem, please see the website here and the video here.

Q. Will this require new customer equipment to be installed?

A. For the overwhelming majority of customers, no.  However, there may be a small number of customers who will need a new cable modem. We are conducting an inventory of who those customers are now and will proactively reach out to them in the coming weeks. If they lease a cable modem from Comcast and need a new cable modem, then we will replace their current one for free.

Q. How do I know what kind of modem I have?

Here is a website where customers can go and look up by their model number to see what type of modem they have:

Q. Will this cost more money?

A. No, these increases are being offered for no additional charge.


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