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Five Reasons Why New XFINITY Store isn’t the DMV

I recently attended the grand opening of our brand new XFINITY Customer Service Center on 3630 Factoria Blvd SE in Bellevue and was struck by the fact that the center represented a completely new approach for Comcast.

In fact, our harshest critics have compared the customer experience at our older centers to waiting in line at the DMV. Ouch. Nothing against the DMV, but our goal is to create a fun, interactive  experience for our customers.

These stores are nothing like the DMV. Here is why:

1. There are no lines. No standing around to keep your place, no checking to see if your number will be called, no random conversations with the person behind you who doesn’t understand the words “too much information.”

2. You can watch the big game on a huge flat screen HD television, or wander the 3,000 square foot store interacting with the latest XFINITY products and services, while you wait.

3. There are iPads, lots and lots of iPads, loaded with cool XFINITY Apps that let you watch your favorite TV shows or even your home remotely.

4. You can pay your bill at a convenient in store kiosk or exchange that old cable box for a brand new digital video recorder that gives you the freedom to watch your favorite shows when it is convenient for you.

5. Friendly and helpful XFINITY customer service representatives are ready to answer any and all of your questions—from what’s the right XFINITY TV package for you to how our XFINITY high speed internet service stands up to the competition. They can even help you program your digital video recorder or answer questions about your bill.

The Factoria XFINITY Store is the third of its kind to open in Washington. The others are in Federal Way and Frederickson near Puyallup.  More centers are planned for later this year.

The video above caught some of the excitement of the grand opening, and also shows off the store. To see it at a slower pace, check out the slideshow below or click this link.XFINITY grand opening with Brock Huard in Bellevue, WA


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