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Comcast Maps More than $3.8 Million and 285+ Recipients of Community Giving in Western Washington and Spokane

Every year I have the honor of going through a lot of records to map the ways that Comcast donates millions in airtime and cash to nonprofits and others in Washington State. The 2012 maps are out! That’s a lot of addresses to paste into spreadsheets, so please let me sip my coffee as I recover and quickly describe what we just posted.

The first map is of our community donations in 2012. I counted 286, but the way this works, co-workers will remind me of one or more groups that I missed. So that’s why the headline says “285+.”

There are lots of ways to calculate the value of airtime, but by our measurements, Comcast donated more than $3.8 million to nonprofits, schools, and other organizations in 2012. That does not include $90,000 in 90 scholarships offered to outstanding high school seniors and paid to their educational institutions.

You can click on the screenshot below to reach the maps, which by the way come from the very handy and helpful mapping infrastructure at zeemaps. The first map shows community giving for 2012 by Comcast in Western Washington and the Spokane area. Here’s the key:

  • Fuscia color markers represent donations of money (and sometimes airtime) either through our local budget or our friends at the Comcast Foundation. 
  • Forest green represents donations of airtime and publicity, through PSAs, On Demand programming, or Comcast Newsmakers segments.
  • Light purple represents a high school where we presented a senior with a Leaders and Achievers scholarship. You can understand why we wanted to plot the high schools and not the students’ homes, even though they (and their chosen school) are the recipients.
This map represents Comcast's donations in Western Washington and Spokane for 2012

Click on the screenshot to see a map that marks Comcast’s donations in Western Washington and Spokane during 2012

The second map shows where Comcast has donated in 2010, 2011 and 2012, along with some of the major donation sites in 2008 and 2009. This screenshot focuses on the Seattle area, but of course you can use the navigational system to move the map to any location you want.

Screenshot of community giving map for Comcast in Washington

Click on this screenshot to see our community giving for the last several years.

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