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Enjoy the Best of the NFL at Southcenter, Tacoma, Northgate and Capital Malls on Sundays

RedZone on Comcast

Click on the RedZone logo to watch a short video about the channel

We know that not everyone watches football at home or at a bar on Sundays, even though they want to. Sometimes you have to be out at a mall, buying stuff almost as important as football … we’re not sure what is as important as football, but maybe it’s stuff like clothing and things for your children.

Comcast is here to scratch your football itch: in certain malls where there’s room to watch, we’ll be showing NFL Redzone on Sundays.  Stop on by for a short time, or longer if you can send someone else into stores to do the actual shopping.

We’ll have at least one of the HD screens at these malls tuned to RedZone from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at these Comcast kiosks:

You are welcome to come on by and watch for as long as your shopping needs carry you away from your home screen or bar.

And if you don’t know what RedZone is … wow, you have a treat ahead of you. RedZone shows you every moment of exciting NFL action, wherever it takes place. You can read a previous post here about why RedZone is essential for any football fan.

note: this post was updated Oct. 3 to add Tacoma Mall throughout

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