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KING TV’s ‘New Day Northwest’ Highlights Longstanding Partnership of Comcast and El Centro de La Raza in Seattle

Steve Kipp of Comcast and Estela Ortega of El Centro de La Raza were guests on the May 1 KING TV New Day Northwest program. Click on the picture to go to the program's page and see the segment.

KING TV’s morning talk show, New Day Northwest, featured the subject of Comcast Cares Day during one of its segments today, May 1. KING’s Margaret Larson interviewed Estela Ortega of El Centro de La Raza and Steve Kipp, vice president of communications for Comcast in Washington.

Estela Ortega was very gracious as she described the aftereffects of 200 volunteers:  “…it was about $20,000 worth of labor. We could not have afforded that. We need the dollars to go directly into the services to the community. So it was a great help. And this was our second year with Comcast. It helps save a lot of dollars.”

Margaret Larson described one of many reasons why companies do need to give back to the community: ” You make a very good point, because all nonprofits, especially these days when dollars are at such a premium, can’t put that money toward capital expenditures, the building, the asphalt. You know you have a whole in your parking lot, but if it’s a choice between that and feeding a family or doing something that’s critical, you have to put your dollars into the program, so this is unbelievably valuable to you.”

Steve Kipp talked about other ways that Comcast enjoys supporting El Centro de La Raza, such as through its youth Digital Connectors program: “We like to think of ourselves as partners, so if Estela needs something, she gives me a call, and we try to figure it out and work with them.”

You can click here to go to New Day’s page and hear what everyone had to say. To see a set of photos on Flickr that capture some of the activity on Comcast Cares Day, click here.

More than 2,200 Comcast employees, friends and family members volunteered throughout Washington. You can read more and see photographs and video of the various 2012 projects here.

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