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Comcast Honors Leaders and Achievers Scholars at Alliance for Education Breakfast

Scholarship winners

Comcast Leaders and Achievers who attend Seattle Public Schools were honored at the Alliance for Education breakfast: from left to right, Steve Kipp, VP of Communications for Comcast; Lisa Field; Demetra Zenos; Vy Chuong; Desiree Gross; Emily Proulx and Seattle Schools Superintendent Susan Enfield.

A powerful video shown at last week’s Alliance for Education breakfast asks the question: what if our students had a strong and supportive community behind them?

As the person representing Comcast at the event, I’m happy to report that we’ve tried to answer that question in part with our longtime support of the Alliance and our Comcast Leaders and Achievers scholarship program.

And best of all, I had the opportunity to stand on stage before more than 900 people at the Alliance’s 10th annual breakfast and recognize some pretty amazing students.

But first, a little background. The Alliance for Education is an independent non-profit which supports Seattle Public Schools through fundraising, advocacy and community engagement. Comcast has supported the Alliance for the last several years, most notably as the presenting sponsor of its annual fundraising breakfast.

The Comcast Leaders and Achievers program is a nationwide scholarship program that has awarded more than $15.4 million to thousands of students since 2001. This year, Comcast named 90 Leaders and Achievers scholarship winners in Washington state, awarding each a $1,000 scholarship.

While the program honors the best and the brightest, it also singles out young people who are active in their schools and in their communities. Comcast Leaders and Achievers isn’t just about good grades, it is about making a difference too.

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to stand on stage with Seattle Schools Superintendent Susan Enfield and recognize the Comcast Leaders and Achievers winners who attend Seattle public schools, handing them a sweatshirt from the school they plan to attend next year.

Like all the scholarship winners, the five women I recognized last week not only are great students but clearly care about their schools and their community. Lisa Field, who is a senior at Nathan Hale High School, helps children with disabilities at Northwest’s Child. Demetra Zenos, who attends Ballard High School, already has received her Associate’s degree, and is the President of her school’s DECA chapter. DECA is an international student marketing organization.

Desiree Gross, who attends Chief Sealth High School, has devoted hours of her time to The Service Board, an organization that combines outdoor recreation, mentoring and civic education. Vy Chuong of Ingrahm High School volunteered at the Wilderness Inner City Leadership Development Program and Emily Proulx of Garfield High School volunteered at the Garfield High School POST, which is an outdoor education program for students.

Congratulations to all the winners.

PS – in case you know any of the youth and wonder about the sweatshirts they are holding: We present the youth with sweatshirts reflecting colleges they have shown an interest in; but some may end up deciding to attend another school.


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