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Monday Storm Repair Update from Comcast

If you have any storm-related damage that’s still affecting your service, please call us at 1-800-COMCAST. As we’ve said in some previous posts: One thing we would NOT want to have happen is to have your Comcast cable line on the ground, and for us not know about it.

Sunday, we had about 50 people call us about their lines in South and East King County and about 13 in Thurston County; if we should be out fixing your lines, please let us know. If you had any problem getting through when we received a lot of calls during the storm, please accept our apologies and call us again. In the meantime, what we’re doing today is revisiting some of the damage that we repaired in a hurry and making more lasting repairs.

Note: You are welcome to leave comments at this post, but we don’t monitor this site 24/7 for purposes of customer service. If you have a customer service question or report, call us at 1-800-COMCAST,  email us at we_can_help (‘at’ symbol), or reach out via Twitter to @ComcastCares. Please DO NOT use this WordPress site to report an outage.

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