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Wednesday Morning Storm Repairs Report from Comcast

The video above is a short status report of Comcast repairs to storm damage by Communications Technician Rick McLachlin, filmed last night before the winds by Communications Technician Brian Farchette.

Last night’s storms didn’t do anyone any favors. Before the winds, we estimated that about 6,000 customers were without Comcast service while awaiting power or further repairs. This morning, we estimate about 12,000 are without service. This is mostly because of fresh damage to the power companies’ networks.

Last week’s snow and ice clearly weakened trees and branches. Last night’s fresh winds knocked many branches onto power and cable lines. Or entire trees fell over; both we and Puget Sound Energy sustained damage in Orting, where crews are working hard to restore service. There was other fresh damage in parts of Seattle, Mercer Island and in East and South King County.

We continue to shift people as needed in the worst-hit areas. For example, Seattle- and Everett-based employees are working today in Thurston County, tackling both the old and new damage. We also have employees from our Spokane operation and contractors from California helping us repair downed lines and other damage caused by the storms in the Auburn and South King County areas.

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2 comments on “Wednesday Morning Storm Repairs Report from Comcast

  1. Brianna
    January 25, 2012

    Yesterday, there were several contract crews working on rehanging the line on tiger mountain road. Now that there are outages (again) in more populated and/or prominent areas, are crews diverted? I realize that work is being done and it was nice to see humans working and I know that credit will be given for the time lost ( though i disagree with the procedure- comcast should give all residents who without service a glceedit without calling and they know who those folks are). However, giving a recorded message that there is a service interruption is not good enough. My concast bill is over $300 every month, i have a teenager and 2 small children- we want an ETA. Perhaps, unwisely (in light of the current debacle) my phone, my tv and my internet are at the mercy of your dilligence or lack thereof. Thats basically my entire connection to the outside world other than my cell, which is impossible to do all tasks on.

    So even all that can be said is, crews are 50% done or crews are scheduled o be in your area to begin work in 2 days or we expect service to be restored for your area tomorrow or next week then Please Say So! Without power for 6 days and now 8 days with limited access to information, our collective patience is wearing thin. The technology is there. If you cant bury the lies or install enough back up power sources then the least comcast can donis not forcew to call, check my box or come on this site. Email me- you tell me whats going on with the service i pay to be provided. It can all be automated and theres no excuse for this distress. I will mow be looking at unbundling my sevices. Perhaps dsl is a better option? Sattelite tv? Both? And that isnt comcasts fault- thats my fault for putting all my eggs in one basket.

    Lastly, the comcast contracted crews could take a page from pse’s contracted crews. They came thru on a mission. Ive never seen such single minded ambition from so many on what must have been one hour of many of the same long hours. They worked tirelessly and they gave me an ETA.

    Please dont dismiss this a an unreasonable rant. Maybe a day or two ago, i couldve injected humor or grace but im fresh out of that.

    Thank you,
    Isolated in Issaquah

    • wtneary
      January 25, 2012

      Everyone is very frustrated by the time it’s taking to restore all the various services in some areas. We’re working to get yours up. We talk in posts below about the challenges of providing an ETA when there’s so much going on – I heard the PSE PR person talking on the radio about that this afternoon – but now that damage is getting under control it’s going to be easier to provide ETAs, and we’ll try to do a better job.

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