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Comcast Neighborhoods Shows Off Arlington WA as Great Place to Visit This Fall

Host Sabrina Register and a wallaby

Sabrina Register meets one of Arlington's more interesting residents, a wallaby, during this month's new segment of Comcast Neighborhoods available through Xfinity On Demand.

The weather has turned cooler but don’t head inside just yet! Arlington is filled with great outdoor fall fun, from produce farms to animal adventures.
Comcast Neighborhoods host with a tall kangaroo

Sabrina Register interviews Jack the kangaroo for this month's Comcast Neighborhoods in Arlington.

During a tour of the Outback Kangaroo Farm in Arlington, we got up close with wallabys, wallaroos, and Jack the kangaroo. This big boy weighs in at over 150 pounds and is still growing!

Arlington is also home to a different kind of farm than usual: Christmas tree farms! We met with Paul, owner of Pilchuck’s Secret Valley Christmas Tree Farm as he prepares his 40 acres of trees for the ‘u-cut’ rush in December.

Paul’s advice after you get your tree…water, water, water! They can dry out fast so to keep your tree looking it’s best during the holiday season,  remember to keep it hydrated.
Here’s more information about some of the places mentioned on the segment:

Outback Kangaroo Farm

Pilchuk Secret Valley Christmas Tree Farm

street scene of Arlington WA for Comcast Neighborhoods

A street scene of Arlington, Washington, featured in this month's Comcast Neighborhoods show On Demand.

Comcast Digital TV customers can see the segment by these easy steps:

1. Go to On Demand, Channel 1.

2. Look for the Get Local folder.

3. Go to ‘Around the Sound.’

4. Click ‘Neighborhoods.’

pumpkins stacked in Arlington, WA

Arlington, Washington, is a great place to visit in Fall.

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  1. Gramma2Many
    October 24, 2011

    Nice place to live year round too.

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